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Boreal Heartland Seasonings

A Unique line of exciting New Seasonings brought from the Boreal Forest to your kitchen!

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Alder Pepper

Piney, woodsy, and peppery. Grind with mortar and pestle. Great with meat dishes.
Exceptional in cures, brines, and marinades. Compliments Chanterelle/wild rice powder and Spruce Tips.

Great in Meat Dishes

Chanterelle/ Wild Rice Powder

Earthy, Umami, peppery, woodsy, buttery. Use with poultry, pork, wild game and beef. Add to sauces, soups, curries, or hummus. Great as a coating for chicken or fish.
Pairs with Alder Pepper and Spruce Tips.

Rub or Coating

Juniper Berries

Piney, peppery. Wonderful in vinaigrettes, sauces, stews, and roasts. 3 or 4 of these tangy berries are all that is needed in most dishes. Pair well with tomato and compliments Alder Pepper, Sweet Gale, and Yarrow.

Great in Roasts

Rosehip Powder

Sweet, mild, slightly tart, almost apple-like. Add to baking or sweet snacks, use in smoothies, or in place of saffron to flavour and colour rice. Rich in Vitamin C.


Spruce Tips

Tangy, citrusy, woodsy. Exquisite seasoning for roasted or grilled vegetables, pesto, pasta, fish or meat; for adding to vinaigrettes or flavoured vinegar, or in small amounts to season shortbread or scones. Pair with Cilantro and Cumin, unique addition to Mexican dishes! Spruce Tip Ice cream is a great spring treat!

Great with Veggies

Sweet Gale

Delicate, reminiscent of basil or nutmeg. Excellent with meat and fish. Goes great with oregano, basil, and Yarrow in Mediterranean dishes. Can be used in focaccias and buns and even a savoury shortbread!

Meat and Fish

Wild Mint

Distinctive flavour that sets it apart from peppermint but can be used in similar ways. Use as rub or in sauce for lamb, in Mediterranean grills, in salad dressings, desserts, infusions, simple syrups or on tomatoes! Pairs well with Rosehip Powder and Sweet Gale.

Great in Desserts


Sage and Rosemary – like qualities, sweet tea like aroma, hints of licorice, slight earthiness. Superb paired with sweet ingredients, sprinkled on fruits, mixed in vinaigrettes, dressings, butters, and sauces.
Great in meat dishes. Pairs with dill, oregano, basil, and Sweet Gale.

Dressings and Sauces

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