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Boreal Heartland Seasonings

A Unique line of exciting New Seasonings brought from the Boreal Forest to your kitchen!

Alder Pepper (Catkins)

Also known as Dune Pepper, Alder Catkins are piney, woodsy, and peppery. Best ground and mixed with ingredients. If you want to sprinkle on a dish, grind with a mortar and pestle instead of a pepper grinder as the catkins can be a little resinous and sticky. Sensational with rice, especially brown and wild rice with butter and tamari soy sauce.! The alder pairs well with umami flavors and ingredients. Alder Catkins will go marvelously with earthy and meaty ingredients, wild game, most wild fowl, chicken, pork, and beef. Alder catkins will also compliment the flavors from chantarelles and spruce tips. Exceptional in cures, brines, and marinades.

Chanterelle Powder

Our Chanterelle Powder is made from wild Northern Saskatchewan Golden Chanterelles, renowned for their quality. Flavour can be earthy, umami, peppery, woodsy, and buttery. Pairs well with Boreal Heartland alder catkins and spruce tips. Chanterelle Powder goes great with wild and brown rice, eggs, cream and cream sauces, butter, onions, garlic, and other fatty foods. A wonderful addition to poultry, pork, wild game, and some beef dishes! Best not to serve with very strong-tasting ingredients as the taste of the chantarelles may be over-powered or lost. As with all wild mushrooms, use Chanterelle Powder in cooked dishes.

Juniper Berries

A little goes a long way with these beautiful, dusky blue gems. Just 3 or 4 berries, crushed, add piney, peppery flavour to vinaigrettes, sauces and stews. We love pairing juniper with tomato, especially as a chutney alongside fish cakes. Game meat is another natural fit for juniper, especially rabbit and venison!


What could be more magical than one of nature’s simplest and most beautiful flowers, left to naturally go to seed, then ground into a powder the colour of an autumn sunset? Slightly tart, with an almost apple like flavour, rose hip powder is a healthy way to colour and flavour sauces, rice, desserts, and smoothies. Can be used in rice dishes to produce almost the same lovely colour as saffron!

Spruce Tips

One of the first signs of spring, fresh spruce tips are bright green in and burst with tangy, almost citrusy flavour. When dried, they make an exquisite seasoning for roasted or grilled vegetables, pesto or pasta. With just a splash of lemon juice, spruce tips regain their vibrant shade. They pair well with cilantro and cumin, making them a unique addition to Mexican dishes. Don’t count them out in desserts, either! Spruce tip ice cream is one of our favourite sweet treats.

Sweet Gale

Sweet Gale is a chameleon of an herb, slightly reminiscent of green tea. The ground leaves have a delicate flavour that is sightly lemony and basil like. It’s mild enough not to overpower fish but strong enough to hold its own with bison or beef. We use it along with oregano, basil, and yarrow in Italian and Mediterranean dishes. You might even consider sprinkling it atop a frothy cocktail to add depth and mystique!

Wild Mint

Our Wild Mint has a distinctive flavour that sets it apart from peppermint. It can be fresh, sweet, and intense. It’s a wonderful addition to wild berries and most fruits. Great with tomato, cucumber, cream, and some cream products! Try with lamb and wild game and with middle eastern dishes and flavours, lamb, or chocolate. Outstanding in dressings, marinades, infusions, desserts, and simple syrups. Pairs well with other Boreal Hartland products like rose hip and sweet gale.


Yarrow shares some tastes of oregano (without the pepperiness), sweet-tea-like aroma, hints of licorice, slight earthiness. Excellent paired with sweet ingredients. Superb sprinkled on fruits, mixed in vinaigrettes, dressings, butters, and sauces. Try sprinkled on cooked meat. Pairs with dill, tarragon, oregano, basil, citrus, and Mediterranean flavors. Do not over-use as it may be too bitter and overpower other flavours. Can be used for mild smoking using a smoke gun.

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