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Boreal Heartland products can be found in a growing list of retail stores throughout Saskatchewan and into Alberta. Our goal is to set up retail partners across western Canada. We offer brand support through active social media presence as well as hand out materials that you can give to your customers. 

*We are now offering free shipping on wholesale orders over $300. Contact us for details*

Our retail ready teas and mushrooms work great for:

   - retail food stores

   - specialty food and health stores

   - Canadian/Indigenous themed locations

   - as corporate swag and giveaways

Are you interested in becoming a Retail Partner and offering Boreal Heartland products to your valued customer base? We’d love to hear from you.

Jenna Zee
Product Specialist

P. (306) 425-4778


We are interested in setting up partnerships with Distributors serving the Canadian market in the Specialty Food, Health, and Grocery segments. We offer brand support and Distributor level pricing on both our retail ready and bulk products.

Custom and Bulk

We offer a wide selection of boreal herbs, wild berries, as well as fresh and dried mushrooms in bulk. We serve a growing number of Brewers, Distillers, Natural and Organic Ingredient Suppliers, Health stores, and Wholesale mushroom suppliers. 

We have most bulk herbs in stock and large orders can be carried out by custom harvest. 

A complete list of bulk products can be found here.

If you are would like to carry Boreal Heartland products as a Retailer or Distributor, or if you are interested in our bulk herbs, please contact:

Jenna Zee
Product Specialist

P. (306) 425-4778

Research & Development

At Boreal Heartland we are always interested in fresh, innovative ways to bring the gifts from the Boreal Forest to products, such as our soon to be introduced ready to drink Iced Tea with added Birch Water. Also, our new line of spices made from Boreal plants that will allow home cooks and chefs to add northern Canadian flavours to sauces and dishes.

In addition, we are working to create essential oils from boreal plants. This exciting development will produce pure oils and floral waters that will have great, new possibilities for us in flavours and fragrances.

We will also be venturing into non food products with the introduction of our all natural fire starter – Firestix.

As a team we’re excited about the plants that grow around us in the Boreal Forest that are not only unique, but also infused with unlimited and sustainable potential.

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