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Welcome to our MEDIA page. Here you will find video clips and news items relating to Boreal Heartland. Please note that some video clips may take a few moments to load.

Rebellion Brewing Podcast - July 4 2021

Learn about us and how Rebellion is inspired to give back to the Community!

Randy joins the Rebellion Brewing Podcast to talk about the recent partnership and to share more of the company story.

Restoration blend is a Co-op Grand Prix Finalist

Restoration blend in the final for the Retail Council of Canada’s Grand Prix New Products Awards through Co-op

CTV NEWS Saskatoon

Learn about our sustainable harvest practices and company vision.


Chef Jenni Schrenk from SaskMade Marketplace explains what fireweed tea is, which is being brought in from Northern Saskatchewan.

Boreal Heartland Restoration Blend Tea Production Process

Boreal Heartland Juniper Berry Scouting

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