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Spruce Tip Powder | Pouches |

Spruce Tip Powder | Pouches |

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Spruce Tip Powder

20g. Pouch

One of the first signs of spring, fresh spruce tips are bright green in and burst with tangy, almost citrusy flavour. When dried, they make an exquisite seasoning for roasted or grilled vegetables, pesto or pasta. With just a splash of lemon juice, spruce tips regain their vibrant shade. They pair well with cilantro and cumin, making them a unique addition to Mexican dishes. Don’t count them out in desserts, either! Spruce tip ice cream is one of our favourite sweet treats.

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L Ravensong

Everything I’ve ever received from Boreal Heartland has been amazing, and this is no exception. Flavorful and perfectly ground, spruce tips remind me of home, and now it’s even easier to incorporate them into my foods!

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