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Chanterelle/Wild Rice Powder | Pouches |

Chanterelle/Wild Rice Powder | Pouches |

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Chanterelle/Wild Rice Powder

20g. Pouch

Our Chanterelle/Wild Rice Powder is made from wild Northern Saskatchewan Golden Chanterelles and Wild Rice, both renowned for their quality. Flavour can be earthy, umami, peppery, woodsy, and buttery. Pairs well with Boreal Heartland alder catkins and spruce tips. Chanterelle Powder goes great with wild and brown rice, eggs, cream and cream sauces, butter, onions, garlic, and other fatty foods. A wonderful addition to poultry, pork, wild game, and some beef dishes! Best not to serve with very strong-tasting ingredients as the taste of the chantarelles may be over-powered or lost. As with all wild mushrooms, use Chanterelle Powder in cooked dishes.

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