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Wild Mint Puffed Wild Rice

Wild Mint Puffed Wild Rice and Amaranth Seed Bar with Pumpkin Seed, Cranberry, and Rose Hip

Created by: Chef Michael Beaule


100 gr. amaranth seeds (popped)
35 gr. wild rice (popped)
75 gr. dried cranberries
255 gr. honey
70 gr. pumpkin seeds (toasted)
10 gr. dried rose hips
5 gr. ground wild mint (powder), or to taste.


- Prep a small 8” x 8” pan by lining it with parchment paper.
- If you can’t find an already popped amaranth seed product, you can pop your own amaranth. Popping your own adds a slight roasted/toasted flavor to your bars. The process is similar popping popcorn on the stove, minus the oil.
- If you do pop your own amaranth seeds, it is best to use a cast iron pan with a proper fitting sized lid. Heat the pan to a medium to high heat. If the temp is too low, it may take to long to pop and the seeds may eventually burn. If the temperature is too hot, the seeds may burn before they are able to pop.
- Add the seeds to the hot pan and cover with lid, it should only take 10-20 seconds to pop the seeds. It is common for 10% of the seeds not to pop. These are still usable. Once the seeds are finished popping, remove from heat, and add to a bowl that is large enough to fit all ingredients.
- Let cool.
- Repeat the above procedure for the wild rice.
- Combine the remainder of the dry ingredients in the bowl with the popped amaranth and wild rice.
- Heat honey until melted or until it is a little bit runnier than its consistency at room temperature.
- Pour liquid honey over the dry ingredients in the bowl. Mix thoroughly and press into the parchment lined pan.
- Refrigerate.
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