Energization Blend Tea

Energization Blend Tea
Energization Blend Tea
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Wild Sarsaparilla Root, Rosehip, Bearberry, and Birch Leaf
30 g / 1.06 oz Package

Use this tea for a gentle boost instead of harsh caffeine

A delicious blend accented by the root beer flavour of wild sarsaparilla, this tea will give you an energy boost and is great either hot or iced. The Woodland Cree call sarsaparilla rabbit root, and it is rumored to awaken certain urges, especially in males. All ingredients are foraged from the Northern Saskatchewan Wilderness.

The aroma is a combination of spruce wood and dried ginseng and the liquor is a cloudy sunny yellow. The blend infuses with jammy notes from the rose hip, and has a savory, dry bitter mouth feel with hints of liquorice root, roasted cauliflower and dandelion. Caffeine free.

Indigenous people used these herbs to provide stamina during extended hunting excursions. Rose hips are great for energy and high in vitamin C while Birch is anti-inflammatory and good for those with high cholesterol. Bearberry helps with bladder function. Wild Sarsaparilla is from the ginseng family and is medicinally similar. It acts as a stimulant,  providing energy and has proven effective against colon cancer and leukemia cells in laboratory tests.

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